Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Online Photography

There are only a couple of ways that I have participated through online photography and that is through Facebook and Instagram. Both of these sites I have used primarily for socializing and keeping up with friends, especially now that I am out of high school. Therefore during high school, I often posted up photos, which I think were good for sentimentality reasons and memories. The same goes for when I am going through my news feed, I am able to look at the photos that my friends posted up of their lives at college. Although I keep in touch with a lot of my best friends, it is nice to see that my other friends from high school are enjoying their lives. How I participate with photography in Facebook is basically the same reason for why I have an Instagram, although I personally find Instagram more fun. I love playing around with the filters or seeing how cool or pretty other people's photos will look. Of course there are hash tags; that are both amusing and obnoxious.

 For sentimentalness and memories, I think photography on social networks can be important to remind the users and their friends of the good times they have had. In general online photography is beneficial because people are able to see places they have never seen, people they have never met, or look at things in a different perspective. After all, there are many breath taking and stunning photos people take of their travels around the world or explorations in nature. Then there are people you hear of in the news, people you have never met, but there is often a photo of them included in the article that allows you to see who they are. One of my favorite parts of online photography is when people choose to take and post pictures that have been taken at an artsy angle or had been filtered maybe a certain way; a reason why I spend a lot of time on Instagram. Overall, online photography is beneficial because people are able to see what they do know or could not have expected.

There are certainly downfalls in online photography though because if someone posts up a photo, that photo is always floating around there in cyberspace, even if they delete it from the online site. Online photography can be regrettable later on in life because it may seem harmless at first, but someone else can take it as inappropriate or offensive; this someone else could be a potential future work boss. In some regrettable cases, the photography could be cruelly made fun, and is often shared. One alarming aspect I personally find about the internet, is how quickly a photo can get around even if it is just a harmless meme of grumpy cat. The sad concept of this, is that there are people who commit suicide because of photos that have been posted up online, whether they chose to post them or not.

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